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Chuck Wang

Marketing Manager
TL;DR. I can show you the simplest, most efficient, time-saving platform to record, edit, and publish your podcast or audiobook.
Chuck Wang is a graduate of San Diego State University with a B.A. in International Business, the son of two dedicated, successful immigrant serial restauranteurs, older brother to David (currently serving proudly in the U.S. Army), and a bulldog fanatic.

In 1997, Chuck Wang established a litigation support start-up presence in San Diego, CA, by generating a little over one million dollars in revenue and growing the company from a staff of 3 to a team of 9. Doing so in an extremely competitive vertical niche market within 13 months led to a public relations and marketing position at a local digital imaging firm (cutting edge tech at the time).

Chuck’s ability to envision, synthesize, and implement precise workflows, processes, and technologies from complementary industries formed the basis for his self-funded start-up in circa October 1998. *Today, these understood workflows and procedures combined with the “problem of big data” is the basis of and foundation for what is known as E-discovery, ESI, and EDRM.

Over the next 16 years, Chuck Wang and CO. conservatively passed along $350M in cost saving to major law firms, insurance carriers, government agencies, medical practices, engineering firms, and prominent national brands by creating value in terms of transforming and maximizing analog and digital bottlenecks inherently found pervasively in organizations and even more egregiously within the litigation document lifecycle (chain).

Chuck Wang also served as a San Diego Social Venture Partners partner. SDSVP members coalesce to leverage combined expertise, influence, and funds of prominent local business and community leaders with the end goal of assisting selected non-profits with their efforts to achieve sustainability and scale by operating in a “for-profit-like manner.”

In 2014 and 2015, Chuck Wang created, produced, and published 200 podcast episodes using Hindenburg software https://hindenburg.com/.

During this time, Apple, Inc. featured Chuck Wang's Inspired Works and MVP Marketing Podcasts on the front and sub-pages of iTunes as top podcasts across multiple genres categories.

Today Chuck Wang is the Marketing Manager for Denmark based Hindenburg Systems ApS. Hindenburg provides the most intuitive, efficient, and powerful platform to record, edit, and publish your podcast or audiobook.

Hindenburg is “Audio Editing Made Easy.”